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Face Mask Automatin Line

Face Mask Automatin Line

  • Loading Material+(Noise Line Station & Emboss: 3145*780*1985mm, 3245*880*2035mm
  • Mask Body Flipping Diverter Station: 465*880*1000mm, 565*980*1050mm
  • Conveyor 1: 2600mm*350mm*455mm, 2700mm*450mm*505mm
  • Conveyor 2 1100*350*425mm, 1200*450*475mm

    Our advantages

  1. The automatic intelligent design with fast speed, 100-120pcs/min
  2. One person can operate multiple machines, improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost.
  3. Three tension control for 3 layer fabric or more.
  4. Fabric diameter less 1 meter.
  5. Machine has alarm if material finished.

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Loading Material
+(Noise Line Station & Emboss



Mask Body Flipping Diverter Station



Conveyor 1



Conveyor 2



Cutting & Welding Ear Band Station



Outer Shelf



Business Terms:
1) Quotation available in 3 days from the date quoted.
2) 90% in advance ,the rest of one time payment Before Delivery.
3) The quotation not including freight.
* Special Note: Equipment parameters and components may be adjusted according to actual conditions of the manufacturer.

Disposable Face Making Mask Manufacturing Machine Line Maker
Mask making packing machine disposable surgical is mainly used for the automatic formation of flat masks: after the whole roll of fabric is unrolled,it is driven by rollers, and the fabric is automatically folded and hemmed; The two sides are ultrasonically welded to the seal,and then the ultrasonic side seal is cut with a cutter; the mask is conveyed to the two mask ear band welding stations through an assembly line, and the final mask is formed by ultrasonic welding. Through the pipeline to the flat belt line collection.

The production line realizes the fully automated production of flat masks, mainly including coil material feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge tendon feeding, mask forming, mask cutting, ear band feeding machine welding, finished product cutting and other processes, and finally producing qualified mask . The produced masks are comfortable to wear, without pressure, and the filtering effect fully meets medical and surgical standards. Suitable for medical, electronics, construction and other industries

Machine disposable non woven face mask - Equipment features
1.The automatic intelligent design with fast speed, 100-120pcs/min
2.One person can operate multiple machines, improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost.
3.Three tension control for 3 layer fabric or more.
4. Fabric diameter less 1 meter.
5. Machine has alarm if material finished.


Our Services

Our factory can produce disposable mask,medical mask and KN95 mask with CE and ISO certificate.
Our masks will be exported to the globe.

Quality Control

We have been focusing on the enhancement of quality control, providing excellent service.

Efficient protection

Our produced masks have multi-layer design, which can filter the 0.3 micron particulate.

Checking Equipment

advanced computer-controlled machines, and blameless checking equipment for the mask products.


We have passed ISO9001, ISO13485, and GMP quality management system, FDA and CE certification.

Export to the world

Our daily production capacity of facial mask is 100,000 pcs.We have quick delivery for customers from the world.

Shiping by Air

Our goal is to deliver masks to our customers at the lowest cost in the first time.

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