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FFP2 grade face mask

FFP2 grade face mask

  • Standard: EN 149:2001+A1:2009
  • Non-oil particulate matter test:≤94%
  • Oil particle test: ≤94%
  • Leak rate: <8%
  • • Expiratory resistance: ≤300Pa

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Materials used for EN 149 : 2001 + A1 2009 standard FFP2 grade face mask:

Materials used for EN 149 : 2001 + A1 2009 standard FFP2 grade face mask: Materials used shall be suitable to withstand handling and wear over the period for which the FFP2 grade face mask is designed to be used. Any material from the filter media released by the air flow through the filter shall not constitute a hazard or nuisance for the wearer.

If the FFP2 grade face mask is designed to be re-usable, the materials used shall withstand the cleaning and disinfecting agents and procedures to be specified by the manufacturer.

EN 149 : 2001 + A1 2009 standard FFP2 grade face mask parameters:

Standard Grade Applicable to non-oil
particulate matter
Applicable to oil
particulate matter
Non - oil particulate
matter test
Oil particle test Leak rate Inspiratory
EN 149:2009 FFP2 yes yes(within 8 hours) ≥94% ≥94% <8% ≤70Pa

Penatration of filter material:

The penatration of the filter of the FFP2 grade face mask shall meet below requirements:

Classification Sodium chloride test 95 l/min Paraffin oil test 95 l/min
FFP2 ≤6% ≤6%

Total inward leakage: For FFP2 grade face masks fitted in accordance with the manufacturer's information, at least 46 out of the 50 individual exercise results (i.e. 10 subjects x 5 exercises) for total inward leakage shall be not greater than: 11% for FFP2. In addition, at least 8 out of the 10 individual wearer arithmetic means for the total inward leakage shall be not greater than 8% for FFP2.

Exhalation valve: A FFP2 grade face mask may have one or more exhalation valve(s), which shall function correctly in all orientations. If an exhalation valve is provided it shall be protected against or be resistant to dirt and mechanical damage and may be shrouded or may include any other device that may be necessary for the FFP2 grade face mask. Exhalation valve(s), if fitted, shall continue to operate correctly after a continuous exhalation flow of 300 l/min over a period of 30 s. When the exhalation valve housing is attached to the faceblank, it shall withstand axially a tensile force of 10 N applied for 10 s.

Quality control & technical tests

Detection of filtration efficiency and respiratory resistance
Detection of filtration efficiency and respiratory resistance
Filtration efficiency experiment
Respiratory resistance test
Synthetic blood penetration test
Tightness test

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Our factory can produce disposable mask,medical mask and KN95 mask with CE and ISO certificate.
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Our produced masks have multi-layer design, which can filter the 0.3 micron particulate.

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We have passed ISO9001, ISO13485, and GMP quality management system, FDA and CE certification.

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